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 ASF President, Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, is also the President and Founder of the Louisiana Association of Professional Auctioneers (LAPA):   



ASF is the ONLY auction firm in Louisiana to offer a "No Shill Guarantee" <SM> to protect bidders at its auctions!!

<SM> The phrases "No Shill Guarantee," "No Booster Guarantee," and "No Capper Guarantee" are all service marks registered to Auction Sells Fast by the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office.

Shill bidding (the utilization of "plants" in the bidding audience whose sole purpose is to artificially inflate the bid with no intention of buying) was a hot-button issue in the 2010 LA Legislative Session, at the 2010 Louisiana Auctioneer's Association Convention, and at the May 2010 Louisiana Auctioneer's Licensing Board meeting. In response to what ASF considers a despicable, dishonest, unethical, and fraudulent practice sometimes deployed in the auction industry, we have implemented our "No Shill Guarantee" <SM> effective July 19, 2010 to provide assurance to our bidding public that we will NEVER be tolerant of the practice!!

CLICK HERE to learn more about SHILL BIDDING and ASF's actions taken to protect the bidding public through its "No Shill Guarantee" <SM> to protect its bidders.



1.  How do I BUY properties at your auctions?

       A.  Will I receive clear title?

         B.  What properties do you have coming up for auction?


2.  How does a real estate auction work and what are its benefits?                      

       A.  How does a real estate auction differ from traditional listings?

          B.  What will my adversiting be like?

         C.  Why should I even consider a real estate auction?

         D.  Would I be a good candidate for a real estate auction?

          E.  Will I be forced to sell my property if I auction it?

         F.  How are you compensated?

         G.  What if my property is already listed with a traditional agent?


3.  How do your auctions differ from sheriff sales?


4.  Where do you start the bidding?  Are you licensed?  Has auction become mainstream? 


5.  Has anyone with your company ever sold real estate via auction?


6.  Shill bidding:  An incidious cancer to the auction industry, really?


7.  May I see a few of your past real estate auctions?


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