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It's pretty simple.  Here's guidance:

  • Come early and get registered to maximize inspection time.

          Registration and property inspection begin an hour before auction.

          You can complete your registration materials beforehand and bring them if you'd like.  The required
          forms follow:

          Bidder Registration Form.          (This is a fill able PDF form which you can complete online
                                                                   and either save to your hard drive and email to
                                                          before registration or
                                                                   you can print it and bring it with you at registration).

         Auction Terms and Conditions. (We need a signed copy from you).

         Real Estate Agency Disclosure 
    (Required by LA.  It informs you that we are acting as agents
                                                                  for the seller, and we need a signed copy from you).

    <Forms require Adobe Reader.  If you don't have it, Click on Adobe Icon>: 

            Once we have the above three required forms from you, we will issue you a bid paddle, and you're all set
            to participate in the auction experience!

  • Have financing pre-arranged

           Auction sales NOT subject to financing, so ensure you're approved if you'll need financing.

  • Bring either cash, personal check, or company check for required deposit. 

           10% required deposit may be via cash, personal check, or company check.

  • Inspect BEFORE auction.

    Improved property available for inspection about 10-12 days before auction (irrespective of whether
            auction conducted on-site or at off-site facility like hotel) and an hour before auction (for on-site

          Bring any professional (appraiser, inspector, etc.) you may desire.

    Auction properties sold "as is, where is" and not subject to inspection after auction.

  • Don't overlook the buyer's premium.

          Percentage added to the final bid and included in the final contract price.

          Be sure to factor it in when you bid at auction.

  • Relax and enjoy the fun.

           If you plan to bid, don't be bashful.

           Raise your bid paddle, and you'll be on your way toward a potential purchase!!

           Feel free to attend even if you won't be bidding.  Our auctions are open to the public.

The preceding points cover the essential areas, but here are a couple of other quick Q & As:

1.  Can I make an offer before auction?

We will execute a purchase agreement, procure your 10% required deposit, and present your offer to the seller.  In essence, your offer is tantamount to a bid at auction (and therefore subject to the same terms and conditions as a bid at auction).  If you're serious about acquiring the property before auction, put forth your best offer.  Otherwise, sellers typically hold out to force competitive bidding at auction. 

2.  If I can't be present, may I submit an absentee bid or be represented by someone else?

YES!  You may submit an absentee bid by registering with us and remitting the required deposit based on your bid.  If absentee bids are received, the bidding starts at the highest absentee bid.  All unsuccessful absentee bidders receive their deposits back. 

You can also appoint someone to bid on your behalf provided your representative can remit the 10% required deposit if she wins the bidding

If you choose to appoint an agent to bid on your behalf, we will need an executed Power of Attorney giving your agent the full authority to bid on your behalf.  For your convenience, Click Here for a Fill Able Power of Attorney.  After completing (either online before printing or manually after printing the blank form), merely sign it, have it notarized, and have your agent bring it with him to the auction.  You'll then be all set to have an agent do your bidding for you!

We also offer the option of live telephone bidding provided you've registered with us beforehand.



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