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Motivation is key.  Motivation entails a willingness to invest in higher-visibility advertising to ensure a sale vis--vis traditional listings.  Click here to see first-hand what auction advertising is like.

Our auctions are NOT Sheriff's Sales, tax sales, etc., but rather we conduct auctions for sellers who want to auction properties RATHER THAN deploy traditional methods.  Click here to see a direct comparison between our auctions and Sheriff's Sale auctions.   

Here are some considerations to ascertain if auction may be right for you: 

Willingness to incur carrying costs (e.g. insurance, taxes, interest, repairs, etc.)?

Click here to see how quickly carrying costs add up.  You're the only one able to answer how long you'd like to pay these costs, but if you'd like to minimize them (like putting money in your pocket), auction is a definite means to do so. 

Willingness to make improvements to enhance a property's marketablity via traditional means?

Auction sales are "As Is, Where Is" without warranty of property condition.  VERY rarely do improvements increase the incremental sales price by an amount sufficient to recoup the improvement outlay, making auction and its "As Is, Where Is" stipulation all the more appealing.

Can I benefit from making my property "stick out from the crowd"?

If you feel like your property is just one of many in a crowded MLS inventory, consider auction!!  Everything about auction (bright signs, glaring newspaper ads, e-mail blasts, promotional mail outs) is designed to make a property stick out from the crowd.  Your property WILL stick out, and people WILL notice it and make inquiries. 

Do I want to set the terms of my sale?

If you want an offer on a specified date and time, that is firm and unconditional, you owe it to yourself to further explore auction for your property's sale.

Is my loan balance below my property’s value?

If not, your qualification for auction is diminished by not having the flexibility to accept offers below the debt level; however, we can often work with creditors who'd prefer utilizing auction with a cooperative borrower (often agreeing to waive pursuit of any deficiency) and negate the need for a lengthy and costly foreclosure process.  An additional benefit to the debtor is no foreclosure on his credit report. 



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