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Baton Rouge, LA:  BEAUTIFUL Oak Hills Park Home
628 Pastureview Drive
February 9, 2012

 (Click on Thumbnail to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $269,500

Beautiful Home in Oak Hills Park S/D in Baton Rouge, LA



Auctioneer Robert Burns & Auctioneer / Bid Assistant Freddie Phillips Going to Work



Bidders preparing for the big auction event!



To view a video of the Oak Hills Park auction, click on the play button above:



"We've referred some (prospects) to you already and will continue to do so."

Martha R., Baton Rouge, LA:  March 28, 2012

CLICK HERE for Martha's full ASF feedback form <Requires Adobe --Click icon to download  >



Monroe, LA:  Former Austin's Bistro
June 23, 2011

 (Click on Thumbnail to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $104,500


Baton Rouge, LA:  Beautiful Corner-Lot Home In Wedgewood
2043 Timberwood Drive
February 24, 2011

 (Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $143,000

Beautiful Corner-Lot Home in Wedgewood

Auctioneer Robert Burns
 Posing With Winning Bidder Just After Auction

        Bidders previewing home about 30 minutes before auction.

To view the ASF webpage which promoted the Wedgewood auction, CLICK HERE.

"I am taking this opportunity to express to you my EXTREME PLEASURE in the manner in which you led the marketing effort and auction of my former home in Baton Rouge, LA.  When my wife Erin and I decided to relocate to the Houston, TX area, we investigated listing our home with a traditional agent. However, after discovering that, in our subdivision of Wedgewood, there had only been 13 successful sales in 12 months, with many on the market I was nervous about the time it would take to sell our home.  Couple that fact with the recent foreclosures in the subdivision, and I FOUND IT PRUDENT TO MOVE FORWARD WITH AN AUCTION. Now, it is my understanding that there are 13 HOMES IN WEDGEWOOD IN THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS. I KNOW WITH CERTAINTY THAT I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION TO JUMP AHEAD OF THE PENDING PROBLEMS! 

Mr. Burns, both my wife and I cannot tell you how appreciative we are that you FOCUSED ON OUR HOME AND GOT IT SOLD FOR US WITH VERY GOOD RESULTS!  Here, LESS THAN 3 WEEKS AFTER AUCTION, WE HAVE ALREADY CLOSED the transaction, THUS ENDING OUR HOLDING COSTS. Thank you for your PROFESSIONALISM, ATTENTIVE NATURE, AND FOCUS before, during and after the auction. I would recommend you to anyone!"

Philip M., Houston, TX:  March 11, 2011

CLICK HERE to see Philip's testimonial <Requires Adobe ----Click icon to download  >


Baton Rouge, LA:  Gorgeous Garden Home on Lake
17714 Shadows Lake Avenue, Shadows Lake S/D
June 5, 2008

                                                                   (Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge)
                                                             SOLD:  $291,500
   Front from East       Front from West       Rear from West       Rear Straight On             Gorgeous Lake Views

                                                 Live Photos of Shadows Lake Auction

Click Here to See Full Webpage Promotion of Property

"You REALLY aren't kidding when you say auction sells fast.  It was the BEST way for me to sell my house in Baton Rouge......The AUCTION WAS A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS and generated an amazing amount of interest.......The auction process is amazing.  I turned my house over to you in early May of 2008 and, IN JUST A MONTH, YOU HAD A BUYER.  To go from LISTING TO CLOSING IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS IN THIS MARKET IS ASTOUNDING.....The MARKET SET THE PRICE and to me this was to the advantage of the buyers.  Even so, I was really happy with the sale and feel it was to my advantage as well as I DON'T HAVE ANY CONTINUED HOLDING COSTS......WHY WOULD ANYONE LIST AND WAIT.....WAIT....WAIT...for results when they can auction and get relatively immediate results?  This was a brilliant experience and thank you so much for all of your help."

Mary W., U. S. Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq:  June 26, 2008
CLICK HERE for Mary's ENTIRE Testimonial <Requires Adobe ----Click icon to download  >

"Robert.  My wife and I learned of your auction after visiting the property, we knew it would be a dream come true - if we could win it.  You and I worked together so that I was pre-registered to eliminate the onsite registration.  The day of the auction was our target and THE EXCITEMENT WHICH BUILT UP OVER THE DAYS WAS SOMETHING I NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE.  With over 20 bidders present, I was not sure if we had a chance - but WITH GREAT LUCK WE WERE SIGNING A PURCHASE AGREEMENT WITHIN AN HOUR OF THE AUCTION STARTING TIME.  I was so overwhelmed that I could barely sign my name on the dotted line.  Now, MY WIFE AND I ARE MOVING INTO OUR DREAM HOME.  I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW HOW EASY YOU MADE THE ENTIRE AUCTION PROCESS.  From the time I called you with the 30 questions on how this works, to the closing which was simple and fast (less than 3 weeks), I have enjoyed working with you and thank you for your services.  Should you need a reference, feel free to contact us directly."

Dennis & Crystal B., Baton Rouge, LA:  July 14, 2008


  To view a video of the Shadows Lake auction, click on the play button above:




Baton Rouge, LA:  Doris W's Comite Hills West Home
May 23, 2008

(Click on Thumbnail to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $165,000
     Front of Home      

"With quick and nimble COURTHOUSE RESEARCH and market analysis, Rees and Robert found the ideal home for our family and we went from viewing the home on May 3, 2008 to closing only 20 days later on May 23, 2008.  The whole experience went smooth, and I was very pleased with the research conducted enabling me to feel comfortable I was making a wise purchase.  Many thanks!"

Doris W., Baton Rouge, LA:  May 23, 2008

Note:  To see an overview of our buyer agent program to which Doris refers, Click Here.

Baton Rouge, LA:  Tony S's Lake at White Oak Home
May 21, 2008

(Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $440,000
Front of Home                            Rear of Home                           Lake View

"What an experience!  I attended an Auction Sells Fast auction in late 2007, and thereafter Robert agreed to serve as my buying agent for a new home for me and my family.  During the next seven months, he and I encountered just about everything imaginable as we submitted our purchase agreements.  Both Robert and I remained steadfast in our resolve to find the right home at the right price.  It took patience and perseverance on both our parts as we hit one roadblock after another.  In the end, however, we found the perfect home!!  Thanks so much, Robert."

Tony S., Baton Rouge, LA:  May 21, 2008

Baton Rouge, LA:  Chuck & Ruana G's Shadowbrook Town Home
February 20, 2008

(Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $180,000

        Front of Town Home                  Lake View at Front of Town Home            

"While contemplating a town home purchase, a business associate encouraged me to contact Robert and have him serve as my buying agent.  I was impressed with the research Robert conducts, particularly his extensive use of COURTHOUSE RECORDS to ascertain which properties are best suited for obtaining the best value.  I was also pleased with Robert's extensive efforts to expand the search beyond MLS properties to include FSBOs.  The whole experience was both a learning experience and an eye-opener for me and my wife, and we wouldn't hesitate to use him again for any subsequent purchase in Southeast Louisiana.  Thanks, Robert!"     

Chuck G., Baton Rouge, LA:  February 20, 2008

Baton Rouge, LA:  8601 Kelly Lynn Avenue
 BEAUTIFUL Estate Home Right Off Bluebonnet
November 15, 2007

(Click on Thumbnail to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $390,000

Front (at angle) of Estate Home @ 8601 Kelly Lynn Avenue

"I was THRILLED AT THE LEVEL OF MARKETING EXPOSURE that I received for my property's auction on November 15, 2007.  We were hoping for a little better luck on auction day, but we were thrilled that we were able to get a purchase agreement executed with a buyer only about 20 days after the auction and I got my property sold in early January of 2008.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Robert to anyone seeking a fast property sale in the Baton Rouge area."   

Randy M., Baton Rouge, LA:  January 10, 2008

Baton Rouge, LA:  Auction BONANZA  
September 7, 2006

(Click on Thumbnail to Enlarge)

      Bidders Registering     Enjoying Refreshments     Listening Intently        Bid Assistants About     Auction Just About
                                         1/2 Hour Before Auction   Just Before Auction          to Go to Work                   to Begin


         $22,000                $22,000               $55,000                $68,750              $68,750
     -----Creekside, Loranger, LA-------       --------------Manchac Harbor, Prairieville, LA ---------

        $59,400               $174,900                 $55,000               $192,500               $13,200
   --------------------------Manchac Harbor, Prairieville, LA---------------------          Lacombe Lot

      $48,400                 $60,500                $60,500                $55,000               $55,000     
   ----------------------------------Pelican Point, Gonzales, LA------------------------------------

       $236,500                 $231,000             $176,000               $247,500             $66,000
     -------------------------Wilderness @ White Oak, Baton Rouge, LA-----------------------------    

       $82,500              $60,500               $101,750                $236,500                  $291,500  
    ---------------------------Wilderness @ White Oak, Baton Rouge, LA ---------------------------


                                                                                  20 Acres
                                                                               Joiner Road

Baton Rouge, LA:  North 37th St.
 Former Grocery Store/Apartment
August 3, 2006

(Click on Thumbnail to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $22,660

Front of N 37th St. Grocery/Apt

"What a DREAM COME TRUE!  After trying with agents and FSBO, I saw ASF's ad for the Lupine office/warehoue and attended that July 12, 2006 auction.  I asked Robert if I could auction my property, and he immediately executed a listing agreement.  We held the auction August 3, and we closed on August 14.  WHAT AN UNBELIEVABLY FAST SALE!   I couldn't be happier!  Thanks so much, Robert!" 

Rita W., Baton Rouge, LA:   August 14, 2006

Baton Rouge, LA:  Lupine Avenue Office/Warehouse 
July 12, 2006
(Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $58,850                                                                                                                                                         
Bidders Gathered    Bidders Hearing      Going Over the        About to Start       Up Close Photo of       Just About to
  Around Property      How it All Works     Terms & Conditions     The Bidding        Spectators Enjoying      Get Bidding     
                                                                                                                               the Show                     Started

As Ms. Rita references above, there's no better way to evaluate auction's potential for your property
than by attending an auction and seeing first-hand how it works.  That's exactly what I did back in April of 2001 when actively trying to sell my home in Walden subdivision in Baton Rouge (Click Here to read how I became involved in the real estate auction business)All ASF auctions are open to the public, so feel free to drop by and enjoy the fun. 

Independence, LA:   65-Acre Pine Plantation Auction:
June 8, 2006

(Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge)
SOLD:  $136,500

65-Acre Pine Tree Plantation -- Independence, LA

                             Live Auction Shots from Independence, LA Pine Plantation Tract Auction

"I was very well pleased to be able to go from listing my property on May 8, 2006 to closing the transaction on June 20, 206 (ONLY 43 DAYS!).   I was also impressed with the speed with which Auction Sells Fast responded to my needs and the close attention they paid to details.  I enjoyed being able to take an ACTIVE PART IN MY PROPERTY'S MARKETING, including overseeing newspaper ads and assisting with the webpage advertising.  With traditional agents, I found I had little input into what and, more importantly, how much, advertising was deployed to market my property.  Auction Sells Fast demonstrated professionalism throughout the process, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone desiring a fast property sale.  Thanks for your help. "

Harold E., Kent, WA:  June 22, 2006


Reasons Why We'd Like to Be YOUR R/E Auction Company!!

  • Emphasis on Southeastern Louisiana

    Many auction real estate companies have a regional or national focus.  At ASF, our focus is much more local to Southeastern LouisianaOur knowledge of Southeast Louisiana properties is more extensive than any real estate auction company, even those with a regional or national focus. Because we're local, we can respond to an auction client's needs in a much more quick and nimble fashion.
  • Intense INDIVIDUAL Client Focus.

    EACH client has our dedicated and HIGHLY-FOCUSED attention from listing to closing.  We strive to auction properties solo (i.e. not as part of a sweep) and keep YOU, and ONLY YOU, as our focus.  A perfect example of our intense client focus which you'll quickly notice as an ASF client is that we allocate our website's OPENING PAGE SOLELY AND EXCLUSIVELY to the next auction (yours!!).  Click here to see a past ASF opening page touting an upcoming auction.  When visitors are directed to our site,  they IMMEDIATELY see YOUR property (and ONLY yours) with no clicking required!!  In doing so, prospective bidders' attention is not diluted among tons of properties on the auction calendar. 
  • We Cater to the "Small Guy."

    At ASF, our overhead is EXCEEDINGLY small.  Such is NOT the case at regional or national companies.  Hence, we are excited to assist sellers with small-dollar sales.  On the other hand, most national companies, out of necessity due to overhead, quickly outline their selection criteria to include the following characteristics:

    ▪ $1,000,000 + selling price,
    ▪ Absolute auction (sells regardless of price), and
    ▪ $50,000 up-front promotional fee.

    At ASF, we pride ourselves on low overhead, enabling our firm to be profitable whether we're servicing large or small clients. 

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