AuctionSellsFast-D1 Rev. Freddie Phillips, Pres., Auction Sells Fast, LLC
Alissa Phillips, Louisiana Licensed Real Estate Broker
8055 Hanks Drive, Baton Rouge, LA  70812-4122
225-358-4663 (Alissa Phillips)
225-229-3341 (Rev. Freddie Phillips)
225-201-0390 (Robert Burns, Lead Bid Assistant)
LA Auction License # 1662


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1. How do you determine the opening bid?

We strive to create a highly-competitive bidding environment that encourages maximum participation.


2.  Are you licensed real estate agents?

Absolutely!  The only difference is that we deploy a different methodology.  You can confirm any LA licensee's status (including Alissa Phillips, our listing broker) by clicking on this salesperson and broker listing. 

You can also CLICK HERE to confirm any LA auctioneer's license status.


3. Has auction become "

Yes, especially along the East Coast.  To confirm auction's popularity, refer to any Wednesday edition of the Wall Street Journal's classified ads or you can
Click Here.  <Requires Adobe Reader.  If you don't have it, Click on Adobe Icon>: 


4. Isn't auction an indication of "distress"? 

Auction IS an indication of is MOTIVATION!!  That's what brings out bidders.  They know the seller is extremely serious about selling.     



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