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Lot 133, Walden S/D, 7820 Walden Road, Auctioned By Robert Burns:  May 2001

Simple.  Company founder, Robert Burns, tried it himself, and saw FIRST-HAND how superior it is to traditional sales methods!

February, 2001:  Listed home.

Owed nothing but hate being "in limbo" and wanted fast sale. 

A stock investor can log on an online broker's website and, in seconds, liquidate an investment, but real estate simply doesn't work that way, and the "sit on your hands and wait" traditional sales methods were EXTREMELY frustrating for Mr. Burns.  He wanted a MUCH more proactive approach!

Despite numerous "showings," (too darn many for him!), he was disheartened and perturbed by continuing interruptions (to say nothing of those who scheduled but didn't show or bother to cancel).  He was also disillusioned by prospective buyers' unique tastes for wood floors, color schemes, etc. 

Early April, 2001:  Noticed auction ad for four Baton Rouge area properties.  Investigated, attended, and signed up.  Here's why:

1.  FIRM, UNCONDITIONAL offer:  6/27/01 @ 6:00 p.m.,

2.  10% deposit, $23,650, FORFEITED if winning bidder failed to close in 30 days.

3.  There would be NO private showings (inspections facilitated by SINGLE open house), and 

4.  Sale was "As Is, Where Is," (no wood floors, existing color scheme).

The result?  $236,500, or 91% of list price, no contingencies, all cash, 30-day close

He joined the auction company and, in September of 2003, formed his own real estate auction company, followed by his own real estate brokerage firm in July of 2004.  Mr. Burns has remained firmly convinced, just as all of us at Auction Sells Fast do, that, when a seller is SERIOUS about selling, auction is THE way to go



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